Policy and Advocacy

We are committed to helping your business grow.


NorCal-CA takes on the biggest challenges facing the cannabis industry so you can focus on growing your business. We provide opportunities for our members to influence civic, social and economic initiatives that support community growth.


We leverage the collective voice of employers to promote economic vitality for all, and business success across the region. We are actively engaged with elected officials, providing them with accurate and trustworthy information, advancing our priorities, and sharing the employer perspective on policy considerations.


NorCal-CA is spearheading several regional policy initiatives including lowering local taxes, reducing unnecessary burdensome regulations limiting business opportunities, and streamlining the permit and licensing process. 


Our policy initiatives support business development across all license types and are aligned to support and create a health regional economy. Cannabis businesses should be treated and taxed like every other business.  Our policy agenda is focused on the fair and equitable treatment of the cannabis industry. 



The Northern California Cannabis Alliance supports the collections and development of empirical research related to cannabis. We are currently involved in the development of an economic impact study. This study when concluded will demonstrate the impacts cannabis businesses have on city, counties, and communities.  This study is focused on the City of Sacramento, as Sacramento has over 100 operating cannabis businesses.   The study will show the number jobs and the direct and indirect economic contributors made by the cannabis industry.