Public Affairs: The Face of NorCal-CA

The Northern California Cannabis Alliance leverages the collective voice of employers to promote economic vitality for all, and business success across the region. We are actively engaged with elected officials, providing them with accurate and trustworthy information, advancing our priorities, and sharing the employer perspective on policy considerations. We are the cannabis industry’s voice on local tax & regulatory issues. 


  • Fair Regulations 
  • Sustainable Tax Structures
  • Transparent Licensing Fees 

Get Involved

​​NorCal-CA’s public affairs team serves as the voice of the region’s business community in advancing fair and equitable business regulations, engaging in political activities that support business growth and development, and playing a key role in fostering economic sustainability and prosperity.

We value your input and we encourage you to be part of the discussion as we work to create a more fair and sustainable business environment. There are a number of opportunities to engage in the debate, including participation on the following committees:

Public Policy Committee 
The Public Policy Committee engages in general public policy issues that affect cannabis business in the Northern California. The committee meets quarterly and provides assistance to NorCal-CA Board in setting its legislative agenda, coordinating local advocacy efforts, discussing other issues affecting members and participating in general policy-making.


Political Action Committee (PAC)
The PAC endorses and provides contributions to candidates that support pro-business public policies. The PAC is an appointed committee that exists independent from NorCal-CA.